Battles Resume January 2017. Are you ready?

I don’t know about you all, but I have missed Blog Battles! But take heart! We are resuming battles January 10th, 2017. 

There are two changes to take note of:

  1. We’ve reinstated the 1000 word limit (give or take a couple 1000 words)
  2. Now you will be given a WORD and a GENRE to write your story in for the week.
    1. This is designed to help stretch you as a writer and help you discover new ways to create what you never thought to try before.
    2. Think of it as a personal challenge. Just do your best and have fun.

So, get it on your calendar, and for this first word/genre of the new year you have extra time to plan and write! Start now! Post your story to your blog on January 10, and make sure you link back to this post or the Rules page so we don’t miss getting you listed on the weekly stories post.

If you blog on a platform other than WP, you can either post a link in the comments or email me the link to add using the contact form on the About page.

There is a list of Battle Words and one of Battle Genres to take a look at so you can get an idea of what to expect, but these are chosen at random, each using to make it simple.

Leave a comment if you’ve got questions or, well, comments. 🙂

BB 2

JANUARY 10th, 2017 Battle

WORD: Resolved

GENRE: Tall Tale

  • Tall Tale: humorous story with blatant exaggerations, swaggering heroes who do the impossible with nonchalance



45 thoughts on “Battles Resume January 2017. Are you ready?

  1. Hi Rachael

    I thought I’d give this a go, loving these sorts of challenges. Just so I can get my head around the rules. The next ‘battle’ is due on the 17th, next Tuesday, right? And the word is Thorn and the genre is fan fiction and the word count circa 1000? Am I close?!


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        • Did you make it? Monday my kids had a snow day. I didn’t make in anywhere near my computer yesterday. Now I’ve got tons of work to catch up. And I’ll have to put my chains on the van as well as leave extra early to pick them up from school because I got stuck twice this morning the first time I had to dig us out (a couple prepared neighbors stopped to help too), then on the way home I was able to rock it into motion again, but seriously! #Ihatemyvanmostofthetime


          • Nope, not yesterday and not today. But I don’t drive myself in, so it’s not fully my choice. Guess I’ll find out how my employment status is effected in a few days.

            Just glad you weren’t hurt! Be safe when you go back after the wee ones!

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          • Sorry to hear that! This snow isn’t uncommon for the inland northwest, but my van hates snow as much as I detest it, so I will have to put the chains on . . . and drive out of the ruts when I get off my awful street. THANK YOU!

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          • LOL I live near Spokane, WA, which is a place that always gets plenty of cold, snowy weather. It’s rare that we don’t get at least a foot over the winter. This year we’ve gotten about two feet. When I was a kid we used to get a lot more. haha Stay warm! It won’t last forever. 😀

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  2. Tall tales, Baron Munchausen type of thing with gross hyperbole and comedic interloping?

    Sounds good Rachael. 17th you say…I will try and remember this time! I’m hopeless at that as you well know!

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  3. I’m eager to get back to it. I may play around with Grant and Teagan some more, but I like the idea that the changing genre is there as a push to try something new.
    Maybe I’ll give them a decent potential send off, since their antics seem pretty close to a tall tale already.

    Thanks again for all the effort you put into this, Rachael.

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