#BlogBattle Stories: Merchant

February 2023 Blog Battle Entries

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“Dragon Stone: The Sapphire” by Gary Jefferies

“Hug it All the Tighter” by Joshua Insole

“Mer: Mr Musical or Mendacious” by Geoff LePard

“Merchant of Breath” by Mark Huntley-James

“Montana’s Choice” by Joy Rancatore

“Our Most Esteemed Trader” by Roger Jacob

“The Charm Net” by A. E. Branson

“Missing Point of View and not a Merchant” by Sam “Goldie” Kirk

*disclaimer: the views of individual writers do not necessarily reflect the views or values of the owner/administrators of blogbattlers.wordpress.com. If you discover inappropriate, hateful or otherwise disturbing or needlessly offensive content that doesn’t fit within the guidelines/rules of the word prompts, please reach out via the contact form on our About page. Thank you!

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