Sam “Goldie” Kirk in the Spotlight

Welcome to this year’s fun spotlight introduction of Blog Battlers!

Every month we’re shining the light on a participant.

Welcome, Sam “Goldie” Kirk!

How long have you been a writer? What makes one a writer? I’ve been writing on and off since I was probably around 10 years old. There was a lengthy break in between, but now I am back and will do everything in my power to never really stop.
3 random facts about you! 1. I don’t like talking about myself.

2. I love to debate any- and everything and do so daily, which often gets me into trouble.

3. I wish I could work from home for forever.
What genre(s) do you write?I always try to challenge myself, but I like mysteries and psychological dramas.
What is your favorite BB story/entry you’ve written? What is the URL?Thank you for this question. I went back and scrolled through my entries. I’m proud of them.
This was rather out of my comfort zone genre-wise.
Have you published any books? Self/Indie published? Traditional? Hybrid?I had a story of mine published in an Indie anthology.
If you have published books, where can people go to buy your books? My blog page has all the links:
Do you plan to publish? If so, self/indie, traditional or both/hybrid?Yes, but I find it much harder than to actually write the book. I’d love to get traditionally published, obviously, but that might not be in the cards for me. We shall see. Someone suggested I publish a collection of stories. Maybe this year’s BB submissions will do the trick…
Who or what inspired you to start a blog and share your writing?When I started my blog 3+ years ago, I have not been writing for YEARS. One day, I realized that it was killing me inside not being able to share my thoughts through the written words. The rest is history.
Any advice you could share with your fellow BBers?Keep on writing. Whenever you stop, don’t beat yourself up too much. Get back on the horse whenever possible.
If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?To put it broadly – nature. I like tops of mountains, forest clearings, cliffs, parks, etc. Whenever I can be away from people and the daily noise, my creativity has an easier time coming to the surface. The ambient noise of waves crashing against the shore or the breeze calm me down.
In your own reading, who has been your favorite protagonist? Why? What makes them stand out?Don’t have one, but I generally like smart characters.
Where are you strongest as a writer and feel like you could offer help and advice to fellow BBers?Motivation and honest feedback. I am good at analyzing the story to see if it makes sense, if there are any plot holes, if the character is believable, etc.
Where are you weakest as a writer and would like to get more feedback and help with?Great question. Does marketing qualify? I just want to write and not have to worry about looking for an audience. In writing – probably world building. As a reader, I focus on the plot most of all. Then comes the character. I don’t care about the world around it all. And that’s what I do when I write, but I know many like immerse themselves in the world around the character.
Share any social media links you have where you’d like to connect with fellow BBers and readers.Twitter: @SamGoldieKirk
How did you discover BB? (If you’d care to share!)Somehow I landed on Joshua’s site and he led me to BB, I believe.

Thanks so much for sharing, Goldie!

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And keep your eyes peeled for the next Prompt Word coming Friday, August 6th!

Q&A Time

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12 thoughts on “Sam “Goldie” Kirk in the Spotlight

  1. *pant pant* Sorry I’m late! 🙂 So do you actually take your laptop or notebook or whatever to a lovely place in nature and write, or do you soak in that nature and bring it back with you when you write?


  2. Hey, Goldie–great to learn a little more about you. I love being outdoors, too. Sometimes I’ve just got to take my pad and pen outside and write there for a while. I can only stand so much indoor time, especially screen time. I’m glad you’re writing again and that it brings you joy. : )

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Interesting to read! I had no idea I was the one that introduced you to BB! Yes, I think your continuous story through the BB entries would make a nice novella — A.E. did the same with hers, and it’s great. 🙂 Any plans for what you’ll do once this 12 part series is over? Another series, an extension of this one, or one offs?

    Liked by 2 people

    • It seems like you’re the one who broadened my writing horizons in a lot of ways, so thank you for that.

      Not sure what will happen next. I guess I’ll decide sometime around January/ February. Depends on inspiration. It definitely won’t be a continuation. It’s either going to be a different story each month or a series again.

      Liked by 1 person

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