Cathleen Townsend in the Spotlight

Welcome to this year's fun spotlight introduction of Blog Battlers! Every month we're shining the light on a participant. Be sure to ask your own questions below! Welcome, Cathleen! QuestionAnswerBlog/Website:  https://cathleentownsend.comHow long have you been a writer? Eight years.3 random facts about you! 1. I have college degrees, but I work in construction. 2. I'm an animal lover.3. … Continue reading Cathleen Townsend in the Spotlight

#BlogBattle Stories: Tribute

August 2021 Blog Battle Entries Right-click & 'Save As' to download a sharable copy of this image for social media! TRIBUTE Click here for the Rules "A Tribute to Careful Planning" by Doug Jacquier "The Tribute" by Geoff Le Pard "...And Everything Nice" by Joshua G. J. Insole "Battle of Wills" by A. E. Branson … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Tribute