Genres & Words: Your Help is Invaluable

Two things today!

First Order of Business

We said the voting for Genre Reduction would be open for a week, but we already had such a great response and wonderful feedback that we decided to cut it short. Thank you for all your thoughts and votes, everyone!

If after this post you feel like your voice has not been heard, please contact Rachael by email:

Sooooooo! We are NOT eliminating any of the current genres (more like specific sub genres), but we ARE rearranging them into categories and subcategories, so that now we only have eight genres:

  1. Crime/detective 
  2. Fan fiction 
  3. Fantasy
  4. Historical fiction
  5. Humor
  6. Realistic fiction 
  7. Science fiction
  8. Suspense/thriller

This means that when a genre is given, it will sometimes also include a suggested subcategory (as listed here on the Battle Genres Page).

Please check out the Battle Genres page! You’ll get a good idea of what’s available in subcategories.

We really want you to challenge yourself to step out and try something new!

There is no problem with adding other genre styles within the main weekly genre theme, but try to stay true to the given weekly one.

Okay, so let’s keep this as uncomplicated as possible and just have fun doing what writers love to do: write. 🙂

Second Order of Business

We are in need of more RANDOM WORDS to get us through the end of the year! 🙂

Please share as many as five words at random in the comments. Make them anything you’d like to see incorporated into a weekly battle.

🙂 Thanks for being a part of the fun!


12 thoughts on “Genres & Words: Your Help is Invaluable

  1. Also, I just had a potentially good idea. Make a ninth week in the rotation–free choice. Since most two-month cycles have nine weeks in them, that would mean even if you only like one Blog Battle genre category, you could still enter two stories every two months, which would be a reasonable schedule. If it’s only one every other month, you run the risk that this isn’t something that happens often enough for people to keep it on their radar.

    I hope that makes sense. Late night/ oh dark thirty epiphanies sometimes lack cohesion in the cold light of day. 🙂

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