Genres & Words: Your Help is Invaluable

Two things today! First Order of Business We said the voting for Genre Reduction would be open for a week, but we already had such a great response and wonderful feedback that we decided to cut it short. Thank you for all your thoughts and votes, everyone! If after this post you feel like your … Continue reading Genres & Words: Your Help is Invaluable


4 Ways Longshot Island Helps Emerging Authors

Hello, my fellow battlers! Our own Cathleen Townsend has shared some info on a great resource for writers who wish to submit their work elsewhere.

We want to encourage all battle winners to consider submitting their winning Blog Battles short fiction stories (not serials) to Longshot Island.

If your winning story is part of one that has several parts but adds up to no more than 2,500 words, you should consider taking it to Longshot. Make sure you read the rest of this over on Cathleen’s blog.

And even if you haven’t won, you should still consider the possibility. Polish up those prose and take a gander. Thanks and have a great week!

Cathleen Townsend

Let’s face it–this writing gig is tough. We pour out our hearts on paper, and then we try to get people to read our words. And they’re already busy.


1) Longshot Island can help. I’ve known Daniel White, editor of Longshot Island, for a couple years now, and I can state that he has excellent taste and is absolutely trustworthy. If you submit, he won’t spam you with an author package on sale this week only. But he might publish your work, and that’s the first way they can help us. We all need publications, and Longshot Island has already featured one of my short stories (, so it’s not like you have to be famous to be considered.

My tale happens to be fantasy, but that’s not the only genre they consider. To quote from their site: “We are looking for mainstream fiction. We want stories that…

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