Battlers of 2016

List of Blog Battlers for 2016

Please create a category for your short stories that can be applied your blog battle stories, and I will create a link to your blog using your short story/blog battle category here.

  1. Rachael Ritchey
  2. E. Rawls
  3. PhoenixGrey
  4. Carrie Ann
  5. Lauren Gunter
  6. Kristin Elise Garrett
  7. David Williamson
  8. Candice Coates
  9. Simon Farnell
  10. Helen Jones
  11. Heena Rathore P.
  12. BlondeWriteMore
  13. Cathleen Townsend
  14. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser
  15. Tess
  16. Beaton M.
  17. Andy D.
  18. Grace Petrelli
  19. John T. M. Herres
  20. Sarah Brentyn
  21. Ellie Maloney
  22. Natasha Roxby
  23. Bekah
  24. Marjorie Mallon
  25. Vex Vaudlain
  26. G. Jefferies
  27. Karl Gman

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