March #BlogBattle: Gloom

March 2022 Blog Battle

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Our word this month is:


You can start writing at any time, but make sure you post your story by the

18th of March

to have a link shared here and on social media.

Once you’ve posted your story to your blog, put a link to it in the comments section, and we’ll add your story to the Battle Stories Line-up post that goes live the 3rd Friday of the month (the same as the post-by date).

Make sure to check back and read some of the stories of your fellow battlers. Leave comments to encourage these writers. And go a step further in supporting one another by sharing each other’s stories on your own blog or social media, whatever you’re most comfortable with!

Basic Rules:

The Prompt Word will be given the First FRIDAY of every month.

Post your story by the 3rd Friday of the same month (this is the same date as the Stories post goes live).


  1. up to 2000 words max (give or take a few)
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. Any genre that fits within PG-13 (or less)-type Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the randomly chosen word(s) and/or be centered around the word meaning in a way that shows it is clearly related.
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. Put a link back to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section
  7. Please tweet and otherwise share your battler buddies’ stories across social media.
    1. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle when tweeting all the stories so we can cross-share.
  8. Have fun!
Any photos included with the prompt are only for your benefit as a pinch of inspiration. They don’t need to dictate your theme or story genre. Only the Word of the Month counts! Photos are thanks to public domain photo sharing sites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

15 thoughts on “March #BlogBattle: Gloom

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      • I have left two comments on your blog too Abe. Have you seen them or did they disappear into the spam folder? Last time I commented it didn’t ask me for name, blog and email. This time it did and didn’t pull my avatar across. Not sure why

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        • Hmm … yes, I have your comments from Feb and March and had replied to them, and just confirmed they’re showing on those pages. I do remember I had to approve your comment in Feb, which seemed odd because we know that wasn’t the first time you commented on my site. I did notice the change in gravatar, too. Maybe those WP changes are screwing things up…. 😦 But if you go to those pages on my site, all the comments should be there.

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          • Very strange. I wonder if the app update screwed it up. It’s occurred on other blogs too. Maybe I’ll try by logging in through a browser. I’ll pop over a try again that way

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