A. E. Branson in the Spotlight

Welcome to this year’s fun spotlight introduction of Blog Battlers!

Every month we’re shining the light on a participant.

Welcome, A. E. Branson!

Blog/Website:  https://www.aebranson.com
How long have you been a writer? That depends on your definition of ‘writer’ 🙂 Off and on since childhood, began self-publishing around five years ago.
3 random facts about you! 1. Yes, I know I’m crazy

2. Have petted a rhinoceros

3. Believe in miracles (or does that tie in with the first statement?)
What genre(s) do you write?SciFi/fantasy for the most part, will dabble in others if the mood hits
What is your favorite BB story/entry you’ve written? What is the URL?Impossible to pick out a favorite, but the most ‘fun’ to write was “A Sticky Situation” at https://aebranson.com/2019/07/08/a-sticky-situation/
Have you published any books? Self/Indie published? Traditional? Hybrid?All self/Indie, unsure if I’d even want to do the other stuff.
If you have published books, where can people go to buy your books? The e-book versions are available at all e-book retailers and the print copies are available at Amazon.
Who or what inspired you to start a blog and share your writing?Research … I love books, but the blog long felt like a nuisance to me until I attended a workshop by fellow blog-battler Melanie Peters. In fact, it’s thanks to her I found this place!
Any advice you could share with your fellow BBers?Keep writing!
Where are you weakest as a writer and would like to get more feedback and help with?Compound words…. No, really, any helpful criticism is appreciated because there’s always room for improvement.
How did you discover BB? (If you’d care to share!)Oops, I already answered this one – thanks, Melanie!

Thanks so much for sharing, AE!

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And keep your eyes peeled for the next Prompt Word coming Friday, March 5th!

Q&A Time

Please take a moment to ask AE some questions in the comments section.


24 thoughts on “A. E. Branson in the Spotlight

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    • Many years ago my husband worked in a zoo, and for some reason I was hanging around with him after hours. We were visiting with one of the ‘large mammal’ keepers, and he took us to visit their pair of rhinos. They were both very friendly, and the male especially liked being scratched behind the ears (yes, there was a fence between me and the rhino). According to the keeper, this particular rhino would even lie down like a dog so you could rub his belly, although I didn’t take it that far. Regardless, at the time I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m petting a rhino!”
      Yes, I love these spotlights, also. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

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  2. Thank you for the shout out! I am hopeful we can hang out for more blogging sessions and look forward to reading more of your work. It’s terrifically talented folks like you who I am forever grateful for making connections and eager to continue learning.
    – Melanie A. Peters

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  3. Abe… first up… you know Melanie! She’s one of the first bloggers I hooked up with years ago. I’d like to say good friend now too. In fact she did tell me you’d been to a workshop and the connection only just dropped…. you believe in miracles apparently….how are you with coincidences lol.

    Good to hear more about you too. Faces behind the words… which reminds me I’ve not filled one of these out yet… no doubt Rachael will get annoyed with me soon haha.

    Compound words… shoot I can’t say I’ve really thought about those. Probably did at school. Dammit now I’ll be overthinking them haha. Unless you mean chemistry… I can do those, magnesium sulphate. There you go for contention as no doubt across the pond it’s spelt wrong 🙄

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  4. Another great spotlight installment!
    I’m really enjoying these. Although we read each other’s works, we don’t always get to get to know each other. This project bridges the gap. If you connect with someone, there is a higher chance of you coming back and reading their stuff in the future. Great community-building strategy.

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