#BlogBattle Stories: Blank

January 2021 Blog Battle Entries

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What a great lineup of stories this month! We’re not enforcing the deadline for story posts this month to give everyone time to adjust to the new schedule, so you can still write for the word BLANK and share the link. 🙂

“Earth.exe” by Joshua G. J. Insole

“Clean Slate” by Mark Huntley-James

“Tryst” by Rachael Ritchey

“Blank” Poetry by Anita Dawes

“Blank Terror” by Melanie A. Peters

“Bush Rescue” by Doug Jacquier

“Blank” by The Bag Lady

“Freedom of Flight” by Sarah Brentyn

“Pharoh’s Chariots” by A. E. Branson

“There’s Still Time” by Geoff LePard

“Collective Responsibility” by Gary Jefferies

“Blank Slates and Spiritual Interventions” by Just Muddling Through Life

“Blank Slate” by Cathleen Townsend

“A Girl From the Apple Orchard” by Sam “Goldie” Kirk

Late But NOT Left Out

“That Simple Thing” by Kit


IF you haven’t yet, as a participant, make sure you fill out our BB Participant Questionnaire!

Friends! Since we’re still transitioning, we’re not enforcing the “post by the Stories Post date” for a couple months to give everyone a chance to acclimate to the changes. The goal is that we’ll focus the first part of the month on writing and the second part on reading. Happy January to you!

*disclaimer: the views of individual writers do not necessarily reflect the views or values of the owner/administrators of blogbattlers.wordpress.com. If you discover inappropriate, hateful or otherwise disturbing or needlessly offensive content that doesn’t fit within the guidelines/rules of the word prompts, please reach out via the contact form on our About page. Thank you!

26 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Blank

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  3. So, there’s a small change I’d like to submit, since we don’t do an overall winner anymore. I can understand the reasons for that, but what about more of a “merit badge” approach? We could give out digital awards for ten, 20, or 30 stories submitted. Would anyone else find that motivating?

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    • Not a bad idea Cathleen. Some might not like actually having that on their own blog profile, but maybe here we could generate a battlers page of contributors and tag something like the merit badge against the contributor?

      In fact such a list exists on a few places for link up purposes thinking about it. Name of participant with link to their blogs. Maybe a merit scheme there?

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      • The closest I can think of, writing-wise, is the Nano badges they give out.

        I’m really thinking more along the lines of scouting or–don’t laugh–the Home Depot craft classes for children. Pre-covid, we used to go with the grandkids, and they got a pin for each project they completed. They put them on their bright orange Home Depot aprons. And they also get a badge for 10 completed projects, 25, etc. They really look forward to their ten project pin.

        I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t want a little electronic badge on their blog, but I guess they wouldn’t have to post it if they don’t care for it. I still have my old blog battle badge up on my site. It’s the only writing award I’ve won. Might be the only writing award I ever win. Okay, it’s not a Nebula. I don’t care–I’m still proud of it.

        I think a lot of us do this for very little reward–rather the reverse: it ends up costing us money. Some kind of recognition can go a long way for little fish like us.

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        • Actually you might be right. Using a badge or not is up to the individual and not a requirement. When I did ISWG the badge was optional, but used to flag it was part of that writing group so others 1. Could see it and read it if they were also in it and 2. To help promote the group.

          I still think a link up list might be useful too. Help promote participant blogs and others to connect to. I’m not laughing (much 😂😂) at your Home Depot selling point though! Especially as it does have a reasonable argument to consider it as a writing achievement. At this rate you’ll be wanting a genre badge writing 5 stories in different genres haha…. then again… 🤔

          I’ll link up with Rachael and discuss it.

          Oh, and since you mention NaNo…the BB writing group is now set up ready for April’s camp. I’m now inviting people into it ready. The post about it will be up early February. Trouble is groups are limited to 20 people so those in the current line up will get first dibs.

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          • I think a linked list is a great idea. Generally, it’s useful to make it easy for people to network.

            You won’t find me mixing genres, though. I stick to my niche–fairy tale fantasy. I’ve spent all this time promoting, I’m a decent writer, and still hardly anyone has ever heard of me. I really don’t need to repeat that whole process with other genres. That’s the nice thing about fantasy, though–it can incorporate romances, mysteries, thrillers–just about anything. Just add a little magic and make sure the subject matter is something that should appeal to my fledgling readership.

            Concerning Nano–I’ve never done it. I used to use November to query, back when I was chasing a trade deal, because I figured the competition might be a little less intense.

            I’m game to try, but I’ve got an idea that’s probably about 30k long. (A selkie and a crow-shifter, vying for love and forging a friendship–in other words, a bromance.) I’m not that great at estimating ideas in that range, since I haven’t written one yet. But it feels longer than a 15k novelette and definitely shorter than a novel.

            Btw, I really, really wish there was a market for novelettes. I can seriously rock the 10-15k length. But if wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.

            The main problem is that right now I’m doing good to write 500 words before I run out. A thousand is an extremely good day. I’ve hit that exactly once recently. So I probably won’t finish during the month. (I will finish it, though.) I may get more prolific as I get a groove going, but then again, I might not.

            As long as all that’s okay, please count me in. The title for my story is A Simple Bet.

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          • I’m with you on a link list. The genre thing could be one of several badges or achievements. Nobody has to get them all, but if it helps diversity and writers to try things on a prompt rather than an actual WIP then some might find it helps. That said I’d encourage everyone to do what suits them best. As long as they are writing then it’s win win!

            Re NaNo. The camps are in April and June. These are writer oriented. The goals are set by the authors. It could be 5k or 50k. It doesn’t really matter. A 15k novelette isn’t too bad a target though. Carry it forward to June maybe… or progress it before then complete it in June. Just a thought. All the above says what you mentioned is perfectly fine! This idea will be new to many people too. Experienced writers might be able to offer support and/or inspire those that might be in unfamiliar territory. Most of us have actually only seen people write short stories. Or should I say the outcome of it. It’s entirely possible a main NaNo event is too much for many too. I feel the camps are far more suited to finding out what writing to a commitment is. Who knows, some might even find a book being created!

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          • Ha, ha. You blink and a whole new set of ideas has been discussed. Hoping to start drafting the NaNo post this week too. I’m seeing quite a few that might be very interested 😊

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          • I think it’s in tune with the discussion on “how can we help writers.” For some it might be an experience in writing to a defined goal that they may not have tried yet. If we can generate conversations there or even here with a window to let them put up 1000 words of the project picked it might even help grow participants 😊

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        • I really like the idea, Cathleen. I like how you’ve laid it out here, too. Clear, easy to follow, encouraging, and sets little goal posts for participation and hard work in our community! And I am also proud of those BB awards from previous years! 🙂

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  4. I think the transition is a great idea. A game-changer. It gives us a great opportunity to connect with one another. SO many stories this month already. That’s absolutely awesome. Will start on checking them out starting tomorrow. I see some familiar names, but also some that I don’t recognize right away. Exciting!

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    • Thanks Sam, Rachael and I did quite a bit of cogitating last month about how to improve things. Always open to suggestions too. One I would like to try is a BlogBattlers NaNoCamp cabin when they are opened. I think it’s three a year outside the main event. Set your own target and a month writing towards it with support from fellow battlers.

      That said, 12 prompts at the maximum prompt word count gives 24k words just from here. Books are us ha ha

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