#BlogBattle Stories: Clone


October 2019 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Daily!


“Public Order” by Joshua G. Insole

“White Rabbit” by Chris Hewitt

“By Design” by A.E. Branson

“Clone” by Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

“Himalaya 5” by Bellabasket

“It Ain’t Over ‘Till it’s Over” by FloatingGold

“Bush Rescue” by Doug Jacquier

“Surprise surprise” by Geoff LePard

“As Hard to Find as a Clone in a Hoard of People” by Leif Jackson

“Fire-Starter” by Gary Jefferies

“Mission of Mercenary” by Sue Eller

“Clone Alone” by Mark Huntley-James

“Am I a Clone? My Dad, genius or maniac?” By Just Muddling Through Life

“Always” by Carrie Ann Alexis

“The Clone Soldier” by Simon Farnell

“Clone Diamonds” by Rakayle Hier

“Parking Lot Pettifog” by Gerardo Ulloa


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28 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Clone

    • I hope you’re feeling better, Gary! I almost missed your comment. 😦 For some reason WP is doing that thing again where it marks comments are having already been read when I haven’t seen them yet. Did you get lots of reading in?

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      • Getting there Rachael! Didn’t get much reading done at all sadly. Coughing isn’t conducive to that when it’s annexed to sinus issues sending the mind off into no mans land!

        No worries on the comment miss though. I’m good at that too 😱

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      • I think I’ve missed two months and squeaked in at the last minute in September, so writing something barely into the second half of the month is a *big thing*.
        Next month might be tricky. I’ve got book formatting to do, which sucks time and brainpower…

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        • oh yes, but I LOVE book formatting! 😀 There’s something about it, like building something with your hands, that is really satisfying when it all comes together. I know that next month a lot of people will be doing NaNoWriMo, and it will be a huge time suck too. Maybe everyone will be able to incorporate the world into part of their NaNo stories? What are you getting ready to format?


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  2. Thank you again for hosting this. It’s always a blast! I’m loving the creative juices that flow through me. I like it that it’s a monthly thing so I do not have to worry about meeting a sooner deadline. It gives me plenty of time.

    Now, onto other people’s sites to read their entries.

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