#BlogBattle Stories: Shield


September 2019 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Daily!

“The Night Has Teeth” by Joshua G. J. Insole

“Rhyme: Aflame” by The Dark Netizen

“The Outside” by Floating Gold

“Shield” by Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

“The Shield” by Chris Hewitt

“Beneath the Surface” by A. E. Branson

“Himalaya 4” by Bella Basket

“Sword, Shield, and Love” by Anonymous (hosted by Rachael Ritchey)

“Ghost Shock” by Gary Jefferies

“Shield” by Doug Jacquier

“Of Darkness” by Beaton M.

“Shield of White and Fur” by Joy E. Rancatore

“A Hot Climate and a Government Shield” by Marian Wood

“A Shield of Smoke” by Rakayle Hier

“Re-inventing Roni” by Carrie Ann Alexis

“The Wedding Vortex” by Gerardo Ulloa

“The Outreach Programme” by Mark Huntley James

“The Gift of Laughter” by Jen Moore

“The Perseus Incident” by Simon Farnell



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