#BlogBattle Stories: Moon


Stories are already pouring in, but it’s not too late! Post your story to your blog and link it to the prompt post or in the comments here! We’ll add it to the list!

August 2018 Blog Battle Entries

“What is the Moon Made of?” by Geoff Lepard

“To the Moon and Back” by Melanie A. Peters

“Moon” by Carrie-Anne Thomas

“The Romantic Camping Holiday” by Lucy Mitchell

“Treatment” by The Dark Netizen

“One More Round” by David M. Williamson

“My Silver Lady” by Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

“Guardians Run” by MJ Noduh

“Wistful Thinking” by Pamela Jessen

“The Moon Dance” by Tracy Lynn

“Moon Bather” by Fiction Fan Addict

“The Journey” by V. P. Grey

“Moon Brooch” by Amelia

“Prison of Ice” by Gary Jeffries

“Remembering the Moon” by Sarah Brentyn

“Moon” by Kit Glennie

“The Binding Moon Festival” by Rachael Ritchey

“Blood-red Moon” by Ellen Best

“Beneath the Green Corn Moon” by Joy E. Rancatore

“Moon Warp” by Simon Farnell

“What is the Benefit of the Sun & Moon to Humanity” by Tat J. Bego (NF)

Who’s next? Post your story by the 30th to have it added here!

Read. Share. Encourage. Enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Moon

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  4. Reblogged this on Rachael Ritchey and commented:

    How’s your story coming? BlogBattle: Moon is in full swing, and you still have time to write and post a short piece of fiction. You are welcome to join at any time! I’m looking forward to connecting with you, and so is the rest of the Blog Battle team! 🙂

    Don’t forget to check out these stories that have already been posted. Maybe there’s some great inspiration in there for you. And there’s definitely some friends on this list of writers. ❤


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