#BlogBattle 41: October 17th “Inject”

Hello! Welcome to Blog Battle. Things have changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired! Below you’ll find a prompt word. Write yourself a 1000 or less word story using that word and leave a link in the comments.

I’m still checking in here, and you can click on the links in the comments to read other stories too.


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This Week’s Story WORD theme: Inject

This week’s Suggested Story genre style: Suspense/Thriller



11 thoughts on “#BlogBattle 41: October 17th “Inject”

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  2. Ooh, I actually saw this Rachael! For some reason I thought you’d stopped announcing Blog Battles, my bad. Although I now see a link to October 10th too. No, I’m sure I saw a post saying you’d stopped…hmmm, rabid self questioning and amnesia concerns growing. Must “inject” some mojo.

    Hope alls well 😊

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    • LOL No, you are right for the most part. I’d already set up battles through the end of the year. Instead of deleting them, I left them to run in case anyone wanted a challenge at any time. 🙂 All’s well at the moment! I hope you are well as well. 😀

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      • I actually think they are a brilliant idea. Do they get much promotion outside your blog? I only ask as a friend was seeking guest submissions a while back and I used my throw it all over the Internet groups and he had a huge influx as a result. Be a real shame not to be able to say I know the person who runs Blog Battles lol. It might be folk aren’t catching it as much? Or, maybe once a month so writers can take four weeks to draft something? I know I get really road blocked trying to juggle stuff and end up playing catch up. I’d love to do these, it’s just often I’m not sure which week I’m on!! Not to mention NaNo is looming…brain says bad idea, but characters say no it isn’t!

        I’m still pondering publishing routes too. #rejection. Self publishing is looking more likely now…except cover my skill set there is lacking…although, I see you offer services now lol

        I’m also pretty sure I’m not getting notifications of your posts too. That’s become a concern with a few people I engage with. Oh, fancy that spotlight on The Beauty Thief and your book series? Might be later in the year (not that there’s much left of it!) if I do said silly writing eek in November!! 😁

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        • Oh, I just have no time to run Blog Battle, so it is sitting dormant for now. Maybe someday I’ll revamp it and start a prompt again, but it will have to wait. I just didn’t think after all the work of setting up the year’s prompts that I should let them go completely to waste.

          Aside from that, I’m considering NaNoWriMo, but I’m not sure where I’ll find the time. It certainly is tempting me, though!

          I’m sorry you’re running into rejections. Have you heard any feedback on submissions that is helpful? I love designing covers, but I am finding that some authors have preconceived ideas about their covers and do not have realistic expectations about what will work in the market for their particular genre. That is the only thing that makes designing a little unpleasant, since I want to put professional quality covers out there, not a mishmash of every aspect of the story inside the book. You know what I mean? I LOVE designing, though. 🙂 Keep me in mind if you need a hand. ❤

          I am having trouble keeping up with the plethora of notifications I get, but I have you on "weekly" so that you pop up in my main inbox, but I don't always have time to go through all those emails, either. Time is really not on my side these days. I'm homeschooling my youngest (and the only reason I'm replying right now is because she's doing her reading lesson w/o me! haha).

          Would LOVE a spotlight on The Beauty Thief, but only if you have time and a true desire to do it. No pressure! You are such a great friend. ❤

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          • Shame, but I fully understand. If ever you need help with running it in the future I’d link up because they are excellent ways to actually practice flash writing. I may be rubbish at arty stuff, but cross promoting I can do lol.

            Rejections are par for the course so not disheartened. I know my side of things needs a major overhaul…I need to re-theme, but that design thing is ARTY 😱. I’ve found a theme I like mind, so it’s a case of sorting out a banner that I can use across my social media to harmonise things and make it look like I know what I’m doing!

            I’ll definitely consider you for artwork if I go that route. I think I have about three core elements a cover could spin around. Not altogether but as concepts that could each track in a particular way.

            Home schooling and blogging….you are amazing or just plain mad lol.

            NaNo is time demanding, but if you can throw 1700 words a day it’s very doable. I’m not sure I can at the moment, but even 20,000 words would be an asset! Mind you I’m wandering round asking people how they’d feel about linking up in some of next years CampNaNo months. Same thing, but we set our own targets, so it’s less intense and makes us write and form good habits.

            My notifications are also creaking. I have you on a reader list. So always see what you post…it’s just that flipping time thing!

            Will put you on my spotlight list for sure. I have a defined template and method to promote the post too. So once it goes live it gets put across loads of sites and then hits a blog share group on Facebook who launch things all over. I will let you know the details in an email. Bit tight at present IF I do NaNo mind! 💖

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          • I’ll definitely keep you posted on Blog Battles in the future. I’d love to have more bloggers on board with organizing and promoting it, so that would be fab! 🙂 What are you looking for as a branding theme over all your social media?

            I’m always game to improve my game in design work! 🙂

            I “won” NaNoWriMo a couple years ago, and it was a great writing experience. I wrote closer to 2500 words a day and made my goal by the 20th. I’d like to do that again, but my daily life looks different than it did two years ago. 🙂 I am soooo tempted to do it!

            It is time that keeps me from visiting my favorite blogs more often as well. ❤

            Can't wait to spot light on your famous blog! <3<3<3

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          • I think we could rally some input for blog battles. I know one or two writers and authors now lol.

            I also have better strategies for promoting stuff now as well. Tends to cause my notifications to explode though! Although that’s a good sign!

            My genre is horror and psychological thrillers. That draws in fantasy themes too. I need something that reflects I write so an author based brand is what I’m looking for. One I can replicate on Twitter, FB and the blog. I. Fact my whole brand needs inventing thinking about it! Had my years practice now lol.

            Must hook up in email to flesh it out if you are up for the job 😊

            Daily life really impacts writing to a good count everyday. 2000 words doesn’t sound much, but you and I both know how absorbing it is and suffering life interruptions can affect it. Tempted is the first step to saying “Yes” too…just saying 😊

            I think famous is a hyperbole too 😁

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          • Okay, will look to ideas for reinvigorating Blog Battle come the beginning of next year. 😉

            If you want, we can definitely talk more about branding ideas through email. I always like talking business. 🙂 writingraci@gmail.com

            You are so right about “tempted” being a first step to yes. I like to say yes wherever I can. But when I say yes to myself, it’s like *sings* “the heat is on!” lol

            famous? hyperbole? NEVER! 😉

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          • Feel free to discuss Blog Battle ideas too. Sounding boards are always better than cognitive dissonance when you’re doing it all yourself. Well, so said a therapist of mine!

            I’ll email you briefly to make sure we touch base either tomorrow or the weekend. I need to get a shake on revamping my world 😱

            Ooh, the tempted is sounding more like a shift towards yes lol

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