#BlogBattle 59 “Voice” Entries & Voting

I’m going to start linking the Weekly Battle Entries! Here’s our first one. Let the Battle commence!

Rachael Ritchey

#BlogBattle 59 Story Theme: Voice

bb 2 b The Winner!!!

(basic rules at the bottom of the post)

*** Please, please don’t be afraid to tell me if I’ve missed adding your story! I don’t want to leave any out, and I’d rather you bopped me on the head than miss your contribution! Thanks. ***

 Post your story by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday! I add them here throughout the day on Tuesday.

RULES for VOTING: Anyone can vote as long as you’ve read ALL the stories for this week by 11 PM PST of the following MONDAY. Vote for your TOP 3 favorites. Winner announced on the next Tuesday’s #BlogBattle entries post!





Science Fiction/Fantasy:

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9 thoughts on “#BlogBattle 59 “Voice” Entries & Voting

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  2. I love how you’ve linked the names on the new site to each person’s blog battle stories so we can easily find and read them all. It’s awesome. Thanks for doing all this. 💖 (Sorry. I couldn’t find a place to comment on that page.)

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