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*In alphabetical order by first name
A. E. Branson of
  • A. E. Branson is a country gal whose pursuits include exploring and reading that inspires her writing. Her family puts up with this.

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie of Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

  • “Two dedicated readers, writers & reviewers.”

Beaton of Becoming the Muse

  • Where he writes about the beauty and chaos of the place he calls home as he celebrates the magic and mystery in his ancestry.
Bryntin of O4FS
  •  I’m a 51-year-old male child from Cornwall, UK. My blog is um… well, it’s not normally about anything as such. There’s fiction, verse, moans and groans and general larking about, sometimes all in one post if I feel like it. Hopefully entertaining though.

Jen Moore of Chuffincat 

  • I’m a mum of 3 boys who was encouraged to write by friends and family due to my daft sense of humour. According to my youngest son, I make boring things sound fun. Go me. So my blog is full of amusing posts about life in general, although the cat (who is full of fluffy attitude) is a main feature, along with the thick chickens and doolally kids.

Joy E. Rancatore of Logos & Mythos Blog

  • Joy writes fiction, nonfiction and everything in between. When she’s not doing horrible things to her characters or dreaming up faery creatures and fantastic weapons, she beats her husband at card games, homeschools her two children, snuggles her two stinky dogs and lets her cat, Tolkien, do whatever he wants.

Lisa R. Palmer of The Otherhood of One

  • I am a seeker who never finds, a word collector who’s never satisfied, a spirit trapped in human flesh who struggles daily with Time and Space, and the reality they co-create. And I am certifiably “crazy,” though happy to have that as my norm. And, in spite of the many voices appearing on my blog, my message remains consistently the same – we are all One, expressed in many forms.
  • I’m a married mum with two great children. My blog is about the ups and downs of family life plus fiction writing and poetry.
Rakayle Hier of A Story Detective
  • Rakayle, a ranch girl, loves to write mystery. If she is not writing, you might find her riding her horse, sewing or trying new things out.

S. C. Jensen of Sarah Does Sci-fi

  • S.C. Jensen is a Canadian writer and Science Fiction enthusiast. She’s got more ideas than time and does the best she can with both.
Sha’Tara of ~Burning Woman~
  • I like imagining, dreaming and philosophy. My preferred style of writing, in that order, would be essay, short story, articles, novels and poetry. I read on a blog the other day that poetry is expressed in metaphor and commented that the reason my poetry sucks is I’ve never met a phor. I know, bad literary pun but a pun nevertheless.

Simon Farnell of Planet Simon

  • I’m an experimenter, explorer and fascinated by the world/universe around me. My exploration goes further than the known universe into fiction and art, I seek to create places worlds and stories that are unique or build on what we know with a twist.

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