Battlers of 2018

List of Blog Battlers for 2018

Get added to this list! Join the Battles! Hope to see you here.

Please create a category/tag for your short stories that can be applied to your blog battle stories, and I will create a link to your blog using your short story/blog battle category here.
  1. Rachael Ritchey
  2. Gary Jefferies
  3. E.E. Rawls
  4. V. P. Grey
  5. Lucy Mitchell
  6. David Williamson
  7. Candice Coates
  8. Simon Farnell
  9. Helen Jones
  10. John T. M. Herres
  11. Sarah Brentyn
  12. Geoff LePard
  13. Melanie A. Peters
  14. Carrie-Anne Thomas
  15. The Dark Netizen
  16. Anita Dawes
  17. M. J. Noduh
  18. Pamela Jessen
  19. Tracy Lynn
  20. Fiction FanAddict
  21. Amelia