#BlogBattle Stories: Tea


August 2020 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Daily!

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“Temporalis” by Gary Jefferies

“Burning Bushes” by A.E. Branson

“Tea For Two” by Sue Ellen

“Storm in a Teacup” by Samantha Murdoch

“Tea” by Anita Dawes

“A Career in Tea” by Geoff Le Pard

“Everest, One Step at A Time” by Beth Camp

“Himalaya 15 Tea” by Bella Basket

“Tea, Sympathy and A Need To Fix Things” By Just Muddling Through Life

“Tea is For Tramadol” by Mark Huntley-James

“Albert – Just A Few Words” by Lilly Small

“Bragu” by Joshua Insole

“Spill The Tea” by Rakayle Hier

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22 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Tea

    • You still beat my “normal” last minute attempt Bella…even if this month I was early lol. Finally worked out the new block editor so you should be in the story list now!


  1. WP is having issues today (it won’t let me like anything, and I’m not sure if my commenting will work), so I hope everyone else is not having the same problems as me. We’ve already got a great lineup of stories to read and comment on! Would love to see these getting shared on social media too! 😀

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      • Thank you, Gary and Rachael, My writing friend Sue Eller encouraged me to join this challenge. Thank YOU for the monthly prompts AND the encouragement, so useful for many in this time of pandemic! Best, Beth

        Liked by 1 person

        • You’re very welcome Beth and kudos to Sue for persuading you to give it a go. The first attempt is always harder in a new group if you don’t know anyone. Keep in mind most of us are writers so responses and comments times do vary because we are not up and front bloggers that check in multiple times a day. Way too much writing procrastination going on lol.

          Most do get to read things before the next prompt though. It’s one reason it’s once a month rather than every week. Gives us time to do it and explore the other stories. That said we’re hoping to evolve it soon and offer feedback suggestions to those participating. I will be reading yours soon too 😊

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          • Thank you, Gary, for your helpful explanation. I do like writing challenges because they help to counter that writing procrastination that somehow the pandemic seems to foster. I’m already looking forward to the September prompt! Be well and enjoy each day with many new words. Best, Beth

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          • My pleasure Beth. If I try to comment then I feel it has to contribute something other than a few words. That’s me though ha, ha.

            Totally agree wrt the procrastination thing. I’ve struggled over the last few months too. You can probably tell as it’s too long since you replied already and here we are in September and me just tweaking the prompt attempt!! Look forward to yours if you find the time too.

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