Read. Inspire. #BlogBattle

Share your work. Read that of other writers.

Blog Battle is coming back AUGUST 7th, 2018! Mark your calendar, my friend!

What is Blog Battle, you might ask? It’s a monthly writing prompt to inspire writers and entertain readers.

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This is it! Blog Battle’s Glorious Return

We’ve all heard how writing is a lonely business. Well, I think we’ve all heard it. And if not, now we have. But in the world of the internet, writing doesn’t have to be nearly so isolated a pursuit!

Blog Battle isn’t your typical writing prompt. At our core, we want to create relationships, build life-long writer friendships, and encourage each other to become better writers than we were yesterday.

Admittedly, this means a little extra work. BUT! It is worth it. People are worth it. The value we gain from connecting with other writers who are on the same journey we are cannot be measured by analytics or the next best thing in social media marketing.

That brings us here, to Blog Battle. When you take up the monthly prompt, write your short fiction, and then share it with us, you are entering into a community. Don’t think of this as a “post and pray someone reads my stuff” writing prompt. That is all well and good (Truly it is. We all want to be read.), but the idea is to go out and read your fellow writers, share their work, share each other’s work, comment, connect, make friends, encourage, help and learn something new along the way.

So, what d’ ya say? Ready to join the battle against the writing machine? Ready to become part of our legion of writers?

Follow this blog with the handy button to the right (toward the top), and be prepared to start battling August 7th, 2018 when we re-release our battles!



25 thoughts on “Read. Inspire. #BlogBattle

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  3. Reblogged this on Fiction is Food and commented:

    #BlogBattle returns in August. This is where I first met Rachael Ritchey and after many discussions the challenge is resurrected. Spread the word and join in. Meet new writers and practice your craft. What can go wrong?

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  5. Up until recently I’ve had an irrational fear of ‘blog battles’ (I can’t explain why, that’s because it’s irrational- ha!).
    However, this time around….well…maybe 🤔
    Anyway, has to be reblogged

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