Update On Battle Status

As you’ve noticed, the battle has sat dormant for many months. It is still here because I cannot let it go. I love the battle. BUT we are getting ourselves dusted off and set aright once again.

BB 2

What is my point, you ask?

The point is BlogBattle is coming back! Yes. You heard me right. We will battle once again. There will be changes, so be prepared.

The good news? The parts of battle we all liked best will be back, and all the stuff that bogged it down will be wiped away. We’ll prompt once a month, genre requirements will disappear, your stories will be listed, and there will be opportunityย to be found and read by the waiting world. Voting will be gone, but there’ll still be incentive to participate in the form of my (and possibly one or two other admin’s consensus) top pick for the month getting a spotlight here on the battle blog.

There’s more, but maybe I’ve said too much! You’ll just have to wait for the rest.

We’re still working it out. Really looking forward to bringing BlogBattle back from the waste of the web! I hope you are too. ๐Ÿ™‚


29 thoughts on “Update On Battle Status

  1. Ermahgerd!

    Seriously though, Blog Battle was one of the things that reliably got me writing when I stared at my WIP outline or draft in blank confusion. Also, I need an excuse to revisit some of my faves, like Grant & Teagan, or the detective in Limbo.

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    • Oh Tess! I’ve missed you. I’ve been in and out of the blogosphere–mostly out of it–lately. I’m so glad to hear you’ll look to come back for some of the battles! โค It's not the same without you. ๐Ÿ™‚ How have you been?


  3. Reblogged this on Fiction is Food and commented:

    Let the stories begin! Rachael Ritchey has been broken down at long last to revisit Blog Battle.

    Yes, you heard it right Blog Battle is coming back.

    Never heard of it? Shame on you. Were part if it then get thinking….

    On an aside I can now hound you too, because…. Iโ€™m an editor on this now too. More info coming soon.

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  4. Reblogged this on Rachael Ritchey and commented:

    Have you wondered where #BlogBattle ever went? I know…sometimes I have too. BUT it can’t stay dead to the world. I’m looking forward to introducing the new co-admins and set up. Prepare your writing-self for the rejuvenation of the battle! It will be coming to a part of the blogosphere near you. SOON.

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